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Wine Cellars

There are six basic issues to consider when having a wine cellar; temperature, humidity, degree of light, vibration; storage angle and cleanliness. The most important of these factors is temperature. 41 to 64 degrees Ferinheit is considered an acceptable range with 55~58 degrees being the ideal. Also to be considered is the rate of temperature changes within the range. Wine tends to age quicker at the higher temperatures than at lower temps, but if the swing is too rapid it will cause the wine to expand and contract within the bottle and eventually cause it to “weep” around the cork. The next most important factor is humidity. A 70% humidity is ideal with 50~80 percent being acceptable. Too much humidity and the labels will deteriorate, too little and the cork will dry out and allow air into the bottle. It is important that the wine cellar have a proper “vapor barrier protection” to control the condensation that can be created by the high humidity and low temperature environment. Lighting can affect wine also. Ultraviolet light can penetrate even dark green glass and cause premature aging of wine. Sparkling and white wines are very easily damaged by light. Excessive vibration can damage wine, especially the sediments in red wine. Keeping your wine cellar clean and free from smells and bacteria will also help protect the integrity and value of your wine. Of course if you cannot build or create your very own wine cellar, the next best thing is the wine cabinet. Wine cabinets come in all sizes and shapes.

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